Sea Shell Clam Style Foot Peg for Jeep Wrangler/ Gladiator

SKU: 8804567021_JTFrontdoorsarmy3AFC7
Regular price $119.95 USD

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Display your love of Beach Life with these Sea Shell Foot Pegs as you cruise with your doors off and knees in the breeze! 50+ Colors to choose from ( including closest Jeep match colors available!

We assume you want a primary color (base and bracket) as Splatter Black as shown. Please send us a message at checkout if you would like a different primary color.

Please select a secondary color (image face plate) from the drop down menu at checkout. The color charts are shown as pictures in the listing. Very Red is pictured.

!!! If you have any questions about the Jeep Model drop-down menu, please message us as the design and fit is affected by this info !!!

These custom Jeep Wrangler foot pegs (sold as a set - one driver-side/one passenger-side) have a two-layer ergonomic design.

The simple yet sturdy bracket slides directly into the door hinge-simply push the pin through the bottom once installed- and you are ready to hit the trails or mall crawl in style! (pins are included)

*Our supplier has verified closest match powder color finishes for the Jeep colors we carry: ALL factory colors produced in the last 5 years and the most common colors produced over the last 24 years! (Jeep color name is in the parentheses under individual swatches).

***NOT FOR USE as Jeep step-up or stand - they are designed as a place to rest your foot once doors are removed***