Army Star Mirrors for all Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

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Want to see what's behind you when your doors are off and you're cruising through the backcountry? 50+ powder coat colors available, including *closest Jeep color matches!

These custom Wrangler and Gladiator mirrors (sold as a pair) offer a sleek, durable design that complements your Jeep's rugged aesthetic.

The sturdy mounting brackets bolt directly onto your Jeep's existing upper hinge when your doors are off.  This ensures a secure fit even on the roughest trails and at highway speeds. Simply tighten the bolts, and you're ready to conquer the wilderness with confidence.

Our supplier has verified closest match powder color finishes for the Jeep colors we carry: ALL factory colors produced in the last 5 years (2021-2017) and the most common colors produced over the last 24 years! Jeep color name is in the parentheses on our color charts.

Please select your SECONDARY COLOR, which is the design top plate; pictured is Dirty White (Bright White). Color charts are located after product image.