Alliance Foot Pegs for Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator

SKU: 5871426171_JTFrontDoorsarmy6DDF8
Regular price $99.95 USD

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Prop your feet on these Alliance Foot Pegs, jeeping door-less and free with knees in the breeze! 50+ powder coat options available including *closest match Jeep colors!

These custom Jeep Wrangler foot pegs (sold as a set - one driver-side/one passenger-side) have a two-layer ergonomic design!

The simple yet sturdy bracket slides directly into the door hinge-simply push the pin through the bottom once installed- and you are ready to hit the trails or mall crawl in style! (pins are included).

~Please select your Jeep Model and message us if you have questions. This will affect fitment of your pegs!
~Please select your Secondary Color ~ Illusion Blueberry (Ocean) is pictured. Color charts are located next to product image.
**We ASSUME you want a splatter (textured) black BASE. Please message us if you want a different base color!

**Please do not use the foot pegs as a step-up or a stand. They are a place a rest your feet and not designed as a step.**