Durable Foot Pegs

Add Fun & Comfort

Embrace the joy of open-air Jeep adventures with our playful and practical Daisy Foot Pegs! Designed for those doorless rides, these pegs offer a comfortable place to rest your feet while adding a touch of whimsical charm to your Jeep.

Make Them Your Own

Express your personality and match your Jeep's style with our huge range of color options. Choose the colors for the daisy petals and center, and even find factory color-matched finishes. Plus, select the right peg design for your specific Jeep model.

Easy Installation, Carefree Cruising

No complex setup here! These ergonomic foot pegs slip directly into your door hinges and secure with a pin (included). Hit the trails, cruise the streets, and enjoy the ultimate doorless Jeep experience with a playful touch.

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